2012 Projects

MSD Animal Health - promotion of expanding large animal product range, including Zuprevo, to veterinary surgeons, merchants and farmers


National Beef Association – PR services for Beef NI 2012, farm walks and evening meetings throughout the year. 

"Thanks for all the tremendous work you have done for the NBA in  promoting Beef NI 2012, the coverage on TV and Radio was first class as was the publicity gained in the print media including farming titles based in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.”

Joanne Pugh, Assistant Director NBA



 British Blue Cattle Society - helping grow market share for the premier beef sire breed to suckler and dairy herd owners.

 AgriSearch - The NI Agricultural Research & Development Council - turning scientific reports into farmer friendly news stories as well as encouraging attendance at farm walks and conferences run in association with the YFCU and CAFRE.

Countryside Services Ltd -  promotion of EU Axis rural development initiatives, including supply chain management, farm family options skills and family succession planning, the Farm Modernisation Scheme and METS.


Bekina NV – continued promotion of Steplite X and Thermolite wellington boots to rural dwellers across the British Isles in the 50th anniversary year of this family owned firm based in East Flanders.


Galloway Cattle Society – promotion of the breed and breed sales in Castle Douglas, Carlisle and the West Country.


Hereford Cattle Society – promotion of the Hereford premium beef marketing scheme and provision of farm stories for the media and the Society journal.


Agrihealth – promotion of products to farmers and merchants across the UK including dairy equipment imported from the Netherlands and Sweden. 

2011 Projects

Intervet Schering- Plough Animal Health promotion of product range to veterinary surgeons, merchants and farmers, including the launch of Bravoxin10 vaccine for cattle and sheep.


Promotion for Solway Recycling of Dumfries new and existing products manufactured from recycled farm waste plastic.


National Beef Association lobbying through the media campaign in NI


National Beef Association Beef Expo NI 2010 event provision of all public relations services.

"I can't thank you enough for all the tremendous work you have done for the NBA and its NI event over the last couple of weeks, it has been first class"

Kim Haywood Director NBA


 British Blue Cattle Society promotion of the premier beef sire


Samuel McCausland Ltd – reseeding with Aberystwyth high sugar grasses


AgriSearch - turning scientific reports into farmer friendly news stories.


Countryside Services Ltd expansion of ear tag sales across UK and ROI.


Freelance reporting from the 2010 IFAJ Congress in Belgium and Luxembourg.